Golden Girls

Alpha Tau is a chapter filled with leading women who are passionate about sisterhood, leadership and philanthropy. We are lead by a team of 8 women who each hold an important role in guiding our chapter. When asked about who they were as thetas this is what they said:

Leslie Adams: Chief Executive Officer

 Hi! I’m Leslie, President of Kappa Alpha Theta (:

I’m a 4th year studying Communications and Organizational Leadership. After graduation, I want to be a recruiter for a large corporation. I have previously interned at The Kroger Co. in their recruiting department and loved it! Outside of my busy life in Theta, I love to spend time with my family. We enjoy cheering on all Cincinnati sport teams together, trying bizarre foods and traveling! We also have THE cutest dog, Harvey!  But of course, my favorite part of the day is when I see my Theta sisters! I have the best of memories with them and I’m looking forward to this crazy, last year in Theta!


Courtney Koester: Chief Operations Officer

 Courtney is a 4th year Accounting and Finance major at UC and loves all things Cincinnati and Theta. She has served as our chapter’s Scholarship Director and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. She loves being a part of the development of her sisters whether it is helping women get their grades up or providing support to women through Member Development Committee. Outside of Theta she is a Kolodzik Business Scholar and is involved in University Honors, Lindner Ambassadors, and Red and Black Bash. She has completed co-ops with Columbia Sussex Corporation and Ernst & Young and has studied abroad in Montreal, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. She has also served as a PACE Leader and the Dean’s Assistant in the College of Business. Courtney is passionate about lake trips, avocado toast, playing with babies at Crossroads, and Kenny Chesney. Courtney says she “can’t imagine graduating in the spring but can’t wait to experience everything that senior year holds with her sisters!”


Mackenzie Mayernik: Chief Marketing Officer

Hey! I’m Mackenzie, Chief Marketing Officer of Alpha Tau.

I’m a third year studying finance in the College of Business at UC. I’m obsessed with all things Theta & UC, and couldn’t be more excited to serve as CMO this year. These past few years I’ve been literally eating, sleeping, and breathing Theta as a Thouse girl and can’t even begin to touch the surface on how great living in the house is! I’ve loved being CMO and being able to work with a lot of people to develop Theta’s brand, strive for the widest influence for good, organize events for CASA & ProKids, and engage with amazing alumnae. Most importantly, I have a killer focus group of the Theta PR Team (Kelsey, Danielle, Kyrsten, Megan, and Dana), our Online Media Director Grace, Alumnae Engagement Director Abby, Communications Chair Danielle, and Service and Philanthropy Director Nicole. We can’t wait to continue to market what Theta has in store in the coming year!

When I’m not at the Thouse you can find me on the co-op grind (or searching for a new professional job opportunity), cheering on the Pirates, Steelers, or Pens, in the kitchen making avocado toast, giving a tour of UC to prospective students, helping friends with instagram captions, or travelling on a different adventure around the world!


Ellen Koesterman: Chief Administration Officer

Ellen is a Current third year studying Speech Pathology. Ellen has been involved through Theta Exec for two years and previously served as the Chief Panhellenic Officer. In her free time Ellen enjoys being around friends and is a volunteer cuddler in the Good Samaritan Hospital NICU


Alex Hengge: Chief Education Officer

 “Theta for a Lifetime”. This is a phrase every girl hears time and time again during their four years in a sorority. I was one of those girls, but I never thought anything of it. Now here I am, going into my third year of Theta with an exec position (Chief Education Officer), living in the house, and having the busiest and best summer of my life. You want to know why? Because of this amazing woman named Lena Tome. She graduated from UC the year that I became a freshman so we never actually went to school together. Lena was, you guessed it, a Theta. As a freshman, I heard stories of the amazing Lena. She spoke at Theta during recruitment and came to a couple of my business classes to talk about different majors. She talked about entrepreneurship and working for a non-profit. We connected because of our mutual friends and interests, and I quickly began to look up to this woman as a role model (which is funny because she is 6 inches shorter than me). She was not only in my sorority AND in my business program, but she also held the same exec position in Theta when she was a student that I currently have now! I started volunteering regularly at her non-profit and we would smile and talk in passing. Then in early May, she texted me asking if we could meet up and chat. “OF COURSE” I thought internally but texted a casual “sure”. When we met up, she offered me a part-time job for the summer as a project admin at the non-profit. I cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic I was. Not only do I get paid to work for an organization that I love, I get to give back to my community, learn professional skills, and spend time with a friend and a sister. She directly and indirectly teaches me about scholarship and leadership, two values of our sorority. I not only get to call her a sister (whom I fangirl over), I now get to call her a dear friend and confidant. This experience has opened up a whole new perspective regarding Theta. I have seen first-hand what “Theta for a Lifetime” looks like. It’s amazing that even though Lena and I never went to school with each other, we are clearly sisters and have a bond that I only get to share with a few other women. Thank you Lena. Thank you Theta.