We are the Thetas

Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Tau is home to 150 girls who each have their own experience, unique ideas of what it means to be a member of a sorority and one common knowledge that at the end of the day your sisters will always be there. For Alpha Tau, sisters are not only the faces you see at Tuesday Chapter dinner, they are the people you grow closest to, the friends who will eat ice cream at 3am with you or the people who will drop what they’re doing to help you prep for a test, girls who will bring your boyfriend to date party so you can bring your best friend or stay in for a movie night after a bad break up. Being a Theta means having 150 people who are not only your friends but having a long line of support in whatever you’re facing.

When individual members of the chapter were asked what theta meant to them the answer was common, Theta is a place where you can meet lifelong friends and make lasting memories. From Sisterhood retreats to two ways with other Panhellenic and Greek life organizations there is always a new way to get involved, meet new people and grow closer as a community. Theta is a place for empowerment and leadership, from Greek-Week variety show champions to Overall Premier Chapter, members of Alpha Tau are always pushing each other to be better, work harder and grow as leading college women. We are a chapter of 150 girls who are dedicated to making each other stronger not only by supporting each other in day-to-day life but by encouraging each other to be more involved inside the chapter, on campus and work harder in whatever they are doing.Theta is a place of safety and a place where each member can be their own self. From date parties and formal meetings to bachelorette watch parties and nights in with your sisters, theta is a place where you can come in your nicest dress or worst sweatpants, in full makeup or after workout sweat and be fully accepted for who you are. The Theta house is not only the home of the 21 house girls but the home to the 150 members of Alpha Tau.

We are a support system. We are builders of friendships. We are achievers. We are the Thetas.


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