Oh The Places Our Thetas Go

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose”-Dr. Seuss. Alpha Taus very own have been busy exploring the world this semester, from South Africa to England these Thetas have been keeping busy by taking their studies out of Cincinnati and across the globe.

Karlee Proctor: South Africa

I took a course during the spring semester called Public Health in Southern Africa in which we studied many health related issues, with our main focus being HIV and tuberculosis, that affect South Africa and Botswana. I was then fortunate enough to travel with my 2 professors and 10 classmates to these countries to further study their health infrastructure and witness firsthand how these diseases affect various populations. We visited many HIV clinics, hospitals and even Botswana’s Ministry of Health, where we learned about the initiatives they are taking to further reduce the prevalence of  HIV and AIDS. We also toured around Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Gaborone and learned much about the history and culture of both countries. My favorite part of the trip was staying our last few nights in the Mokolodi Game Reserve where we were able to go on game drives and saw giraffes, ostriches and so many other wild animals up close. I learned so much about healthcare within those two weeks and feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of this incredible opportunity. I will remember and cherish everything I learned about Africa and about myself while on this trip for the rest of my life!


Danielle Peters: London

Over spring break I took a week long trip to London, England where we explored the international economy, political issues and spent time at many companies comparing and contrasting the differences between US and UK business. We got to see a start up generator similar to Cincinnati’s Brandery where all of the future faces of London business come together to make their dreams come true. We also were fortunate enough to spend time with students from London’s Cass Business school where we saw how different being a UC student is from being a student there. Many of the people who went to Cass were from around the world where as UC is a very local school and while meeting international students is not a rare occurrence it is something that doesn’t happen every day. Over the week we also got lots of free time to visit places around London where we got to go to Oxford street (the shopping heart of London), see a play in the west end (comparable to Broadway) and explore different pockets where the locals live. We also got to go to Brigton Beach which is on the coast of England and about a 2 hour train ride outside of London; it was a place unlike anything I had ever seen. The beach was cold and rocky but the town was amazing, full of locals and tourist from around the world there were so many cultures in such a small place. During our day at the cold beach we ate sea food (the best fish and chips you’ll ever find), toured the old royal vacation grounds, and spent time walking through neighborhoods where we were able to find great homemade jewley, clothes and (of course) food.

Being abroad was an amazing experience which I recommend to any college student. I learned how to interact effectively with others from a different background, see parts of the world I may never see again, and meet and build relationships with students from UC who I may have never known if it was not for my study abroad trip. TLAM


Emily Rering: Paris/ Belgium

Over Spring Break I had the opportunity to do a short-term study abroad to Paris, France and Brussels; Antwerp; and Bruges, Belgium. The course was focused on luxury marketing and our class visited some amazing companies throughout our stay. In Paris, I not only got to see all of the signature sights like the Eiffel Tower – which is even better at night – and the Arc de Triomphe, but also went to the flagship store for Hermes. You’ll know Hermes from the Birkin and Kelly bags. The store sees thousands of customers in their Paris location alone and contains millions of dollars worth of merchandise. They even produce their own leather products right above the store.

As fantastic as Paris was, Belgium stole my heart. From the laid back culture to the amazing food, and the exciting nightlight to the quaint towns, it was fantastic. Belgium is heavily influenced by both a French and Dutch culture so every city is different. I had the chance to taste delicious brews at De Halve Maan Brewery, take a boat tour on the canels of Bruges, get up close and personal with piles of perfectly cut diamonds in Antwerp – the diamond district – and taste fresh, Belgian chocolate in a factory in Brussels. It was certainly the experience of a lifetime and I can’t wait until the next time I study abroad, for a whole summer, next year.


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