Flying High

The University of Cincinnati is a school made famous on it dedication to the real world experience students can take advantage of in Cincinnati and around the nation. As leading women Kappa Alpha Theta’s own embrace their hands on experience as work at companies that are known around the globe. We are proud of our thetas that are flying high and following their dreams


Emily Reiring


Emily is a 4th year Operations Management major making her GE Aviation Co-Op a perfect place to be. Emily talks about the opportunities saying “This summer I am on my second rotation working for GE Aviation. The first was in the Distribution Center in Erlanger, KY where thousands of parts went in and out of our four walls every single day. This time around I’m at one of the largest GE plants in the world right here at home in Cincinnati working in materials sourcing. In laymen’s terms, that means I work with buyers and suppliers to make sure that GE is getting all of the metal parts that we need to make over a dozen types of jet engines. It’s such an exciting time to be at GE because we’re releasing a brand new jet engine, the LEAP engine, which features 3D printed parts. Most people don’t think about what all goes into making an engine when they’re on a plane, but it’s a huge and global supply chain process and I have a lot of responsibility in assuring that we keep our suppliers happy and they meet all of our regulations. Here at GE, we’re inventing the future of flight, lifting people up, and bringing them home safely.”


Dana Drage

Dana is a 3rd year bio-medical engineering student, she is currently working with the company 3M in the consumer healthcare division. During her co-op she gets to work on Class 1 medical devices which means she is working on product people use every day. Dana says “3M is a global company that at its core strives to innovate and spark ideas. They also have a statistic that says you are likely never more than 10 feet away from a 3M product at any given time! In my time at 3M I have had the opportunity to work in manufacturing designing where I am designing a new device to automate the process, this is a cool opportunity because the product will likely be patented in my name. I have gotten to print over 40 pieces I designed on the 3D printer, be a part of testing products which determines which will go out and which won’t, visit suppliers, prototype devices using materials from our shop and ‘play’ with power tools to figure out how they work and how I can use them in my job” Dana has been able to see how large a global company can be and also feel supported by those around her, 3M truly cares about her aspirations and where she wants to go. Through her co-op she has even learned about grant opportunities that can benefit UC.

Kate Lake

Kate is a current 3rd year who had the opportunity to work in NYC for Global Brands Group which is located in the empire state building. “Throughout my experience I researched inspiration, sketched and designed using computer software. Attended weekly fittings, trend, design, and production meetings, learned about target market and consumers in relation to design, communicated with buyers and other design professionals, and assisted with the set up of the 2017 Spring Collection presentation. Learned a lot about the corporate design process and the fashion industry in general!” Kate aspires to work with designer brands with runway and couture fashion. Being in NYC Kate’s Co-op was more than just a day at the office, it was an opportunity to explore. Kate says “On weekends we explored Manhattan and Brooklyn, eating at all the famous restaurants/bakeries, visiting museums, the fashion/garment district, checking out different boutiques, taking pictures and admiring street art/murals. When we saw enough of the city we took trains to New Jersey and Cold Springs, NY for hiking trips.  The most interesting part about NYC was the cultural diversity- it’s a melting pot with so many different ethnicities, different ethnic parts of Manhattan (Spanish Harlem, Little Italy, China Town) and it’s amazing to notice how everyone is always on the go and doing their own thing and how many people come to NY for opportunity. It’s literally a whole different world!”

Kyrsten Stoll

Kyrsten Stoll is a current 3rd year who is working in NYC for Rodale Inc. for Men’s and Women’s Health magazines. “I am working in the Communications & Events department as a Public Relations intern for both brands. I am a Communication major with a PR certificate at UC and have always dreamed of working in magazine publishing. My internship is very all-encompassing, having me assist in all facets of communications and publicity for both brands. I help plan and work branded events, monitor media for brand impressions, plan and attend TV segments, and do a plethora of other activities that all contribute to the well-oiled machine that is a magazine. It’s so fascinating to get to see everything that goes into the finished product of a publication I have been buying for years. Even just within my first week, I have already learned so much and met some amazing people. It’s still surreal to see our CEO and Editor in Chief walk around the office. Not to mention, our magazines feature some really great cover stars! Of course Kyrsten couldn’t tackle the big apple without her sisters behind her and says “I am so thankful to all of my sisters in Theta who constantly push me and inspire me to be the best version of myself. I love the sisterhood we share of empowered women and that is also a reason that I love working for Women’s Health. Our office is full of so many hardworking, talented, rock star women who make awesome things happen every day. This internship (out of the probably 40 I applied for – yes literally!) was my number one choice because of Rodale’s mission of bringing health, happiness, and love into the world. Rodale and its brands do such meaningful work and I am grateful and honored to be a part of it!”


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